Little boy and girl sandcastle building on the beach

33 Awesome Things to do at the Beach (You’ll Love No.20)

15 Nov 2018 By Danielle Gunner
Little boy and girl sandcastle building on the beach

The beach is so much more than alluring waters and toe-sinking sands. Days on your choice of golden stretch can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you wish, whether you opt for adrenaline-filled watersports or sandcastle building with your mini traveller – there’s no end to the fun that can be had.

Bucket and spades at the ready! Here’s 33 things to do at the beach.

1. Build a sandcastle

A sandcastle with a red flag perched on a spot of sand on the beach.

We’re not just talking about any sandcastle, build forts or create sand animals – let your imagination run wild.  Now, give your sculpture some character with a mini flag or small figurine – other beach-goers will be envious of your masterpiece.

Best for: Children

2. Yoga

A woman doing yoga on the beach in the morning with the sunrise in the background.

Can you think of anything more relaxing than the sound of the calm waves hitting the shore? Sunrise is the ultimate time for a spot of yoga and meditation – grab your exercise mat and let the stretching begin.

Best for: Fitness fanatics

3. Watersports

Red peddle boat on the beach with the sea in the background.

Granted not all sand spots have watersport facilities, nothing is more thrilling than hopping on a jet ski or navigating a pedalo boat. Fly high in the sky and explore your island’s epic terrain while parasailing to surfing rapid waves or paddleboarding on calm water.

Best for: Families

4. Treasure hunts

An old treasure chest nestled in the sand on the beach

This small, effortless game will keep the kids entertained for hours. The aim of this activity is to hide small objects or clues in nearby coves, under soft blankets of sand or nestled under a sunlounger, leading little ones to the mighty treasure.

Best for: Children  

5. Snorkelling

A girl snorkelling in the coral reefs among fishes and shells.

Discover the underwater world with a spot of snorkelling. The mesmerising coral reefs of Mexico and Egypt are our favourites, but you can explore the colourful coast regardless of your destination.

Best for: Couples

6. Football

Friends playing football on the beach on a sunny day.

Choose your beach  wisely and you’ll stumble across a stretch with sports facilities. However, don’t let that stop you! Pack a ball, find a secluded spot, draw a makeshift goal, and you’ve got your very own pitch.

Best for: Teens

7. Explore caves

Hidden cave on the beach looking out onto the sand and ocean

Search for crabs and investigate rock formations with an exploration of the nearby caves. Some are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meaning they’re protected for their historical value and natural beauty – why wouldn’t you want to explore nature’s finest scenery?

Best for: Adventure

8. Watch the sunset

Early evening as the sunsets on the beach over the sea

Who said the beach was just for daytime fun? Catch a glimpse of some of the world’s most breathtaking sunsets right from the sand. Grab a picnic blanket, bottle of wine, food and you’ve got yourself a romantic setup.

Best for: 

9. Beach barbecue

Grilled meats and fish on a smokey barbecue on the beach.

Freshly grilled meats straight from the barbecue, do we need to say more? If your choice of beach allows it, feast on burgers, fish and kebabs with a view of the picturesque sea and surrounding lush landscape. Dining al fresco has never been so spectacular.

Best for: Foodies

10. Read a book

Woman with a big sun hat on reading a book on the beach.

There’s something about the warm air and relaxing atmosphere at the beach that makes it the ideal spot to get lost in a good book. Perch yourself on a secluded stretch and pack plenty of summer reads as you delve deep into a fantasy world.

Best for: Tranquility

11. Fly a kite

Little girl running and trying to fly a kite on the beach

All you need is a kite, wind and plenty of space for this popular beach activity. It’s all about picking the right spot, we’d suggest the sun-soaked shores of the Canary Islands if you’re yet to pick your coastline. Fuerteventura is a firm favourite with warm high winds, together with spacious sand spots you’re onto a first-class kite flying destination.

Best for: Children

12. Grab a massage

Beach massage wooden hut with two massage beds.

On the majority of main beaches across the globe, massage services are offered to soothe those aches and pains. We’d recommend bartering to get the price down, but you’ll often find the services cheap enough. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the magic of the masseuse right from your sunlounger.

Best for: Relaxing

13. Limbo

Friends playing a Caribbean game of limbo on the beach on a sunny day.

A famous Caribbean dance contest, the limbo will challenge any beach bum. Contestants should take turns to pass underneath the stick, without touching the floor or stick with their hands. The question is – how low can you go?

Best for: Groups

14. Dive into the depths of the ocean

Woman diving into the depths of the ocean among the coral reefs and sea life.

Not your typical watersport, but certainly an activity you don’t want to miss. Diving usually requires training and certificates, so if you’re already qualified jump right in. However, if you’re looking to learn, most beaches have diving schools available – certainly one for the bucket list.

Best for: Exploring

15. Volleyball

A group of people playing volleyball on the beach.

It will be hard to find a sand spot without a volleyball court, so if you have one at your disposal take full advantage. Of course, you don’t need to have a net to enjoy a game or two, simply draw a line in the sand and make your own rules – either way, you’ll have a blast.

Best for:

16. Enjoy a siesta

A man having a siesta and relaxing on the beach inside a hammock.

If you’re travelling to Spain it’s only right that you follow their traditions, and by that we mean a quick afternoon nap. However, make sure you’re in the shade with plenty of suncream on, the lobster look doesn’t do anyone any favours.

Best for: Re-energising

17. Play bat and ball

Two bats and a pink ball laid on the beach.

A traditional beach favourite, bat and balls can be found along many seafronts for as little as a few pounds, and trust us, it’s worth it every penny. Battle it out with your other half or take on the kids –  tally up the score and see who can hold the longest rally with this epic game.

Best for: 

18. Head to a beach club

People dancing to the music coming from the DJ decks at a beach club.

You can find beach clubs along many famous coastlines such as Ibiza and Majorca. An up-market and stylish way to spend your day on the  sand, expect  Bali beds, premium spirits and iconic DJs.


Best for: Party-goers

Favourite hotels near the beach:

Hawaii Riviera Aqua Park: This 4 star property gives you direct access to the marine life filled Red Sea thanks to its stunning beachfront setting. Boasting two a la carte restaurants, a pool bar and an aqua park, you’re in for an unforgettable stay.

King Evelthon Beach Hotel & Resort: Views of the ocean are what you can look forward to at this stunning 5 star hotel thanks to its Chlorakas Bay location. Found in Cyprus enjoy sun-filled days by the lagoon style pool, or for the ultimate upgrade book a swim-up stay and go from your room to the water in seconds.

Sandos Papagayo Beach Resort: This All Inclusive hotel situated in Lanzarote has a backdrop to end all backdrops with its mountain meets Atlantic vistas. From three pools to a kids’ club and a good choice of rooms – it goes above and beyond to impress you. And if you decide to venture out to explore your surroundings, you’ll find a string of beautiful beaches on your doorstep.

19. Fishing

3 fishing boats floating along the shimmering blue coast.

Sail the turquoise-tinted waters, or take a picnic and grab some bait ready for a fishing adventure. Destinations such as Turkey and Greece are great hotspots for catching creatures straight from the sea.

Best for: 

20. Horse riding

A family horse riding along the beach under the sunset.

Couples can enjoy romantic rides along the sunset-lit beach, or parents can take the little ones up and down the shimmering shore – either way, a horse ride is a great way to explore your sand spot. Take a couple of hours out of your day to head on a trail ride, an experience you’ll never forget.

Best for:

21. Picnic

Beach picnic serving fruit, cheese and wine from a wooden basket.

Barbecues aren’t for everyone, instead why not pack a selection of local cheeses, fresh baguettes and meats for a tasty beach picnic? Feast on mouthwatering foods during the peak of day, or as dusk falls take advantage of your idyllic backdrop.

Best for:

22. Walk along the sand

Woman walking barefoot along the white stretch of sand.

Walk along the coastline to discover new and exciting spots, whether you stumble across a secluded patch of sand, a bustling promenade full of restaurants and shops or Instagram worthy surroundings – who knows what wonders await.

Best for:

23. Collect shells

Lantern, shells and star fish nestled in the soft grains of sand on the beach.

The seaside is an exciting place to find small objects and unique creatures. Head to small caves or search your surrounding area for colourful shells and extraordinary rocks. Have a competition with your tiny tots to see who can find the most unusual patterns.

Best for:

24. Float along the sea

Woman dragging an inflatable pink donut into the Caribbean sea

Grab your rubber rings and funky inflatables and head for the waves. Drift  along  the sapphire waters as you let the current pull you further from the shore or pop your feet up and relax. Alternatively, purchase a float with cup holders, grab yourself a drink from the nearest bar and let the sunbathing commence.

Best for:

25. Work up a sweat

A woman running along the sea front as the sun is rising.

If you’re big on health and fitness this one is for you.  Not only is the beach a scenic running spot, the deep soft grains of sand will give any gym maniac a run for their money. Providing health buffs with a

challenge, we’d recommend popping your trainers on bright and early to avoid the midday heat.

Best for:
Fitness fanatics

26. Draw in the sand

The picture of the sun drawn in the sand as the waves come onto the beach.

Drawing in the sand can be a lot more fun that it sounds, write your name, create a picture or have a game of noughts and crosses. Hangman will keep the kids amused, or you can take the whole family on with a quick draw challenge.

Best for:

27. Make funny shapes

Little girl with sunglasses buried under the sand on the beach.

Visiting your nearest stretch of sand offers ample opportunities to bury a friend or family member. You can always volunteer yourself and be turned into a magical mermaid or slithering octopus – the creatures you can create are endless.

Best for: Children

28.  Eat an ice cream

Little girl eating a messy ice cream on the beach with her mum

You can’t go to the beach without having an ice cream – it’s refreshing, cools you down and tastes delicious. Whether you opt for chocolate, strawberry or vanilla this yummy treat will tantalise your taste buds.

Best for: Everyone

29. Watch a sunrise

Glowing beach sunrise viewed from the beach walkway.

If you think the sunset is impressive, you haven’t seen how spectacular the sunrise is. Rise bright and early and head straight for the soon-to-be sun-drenched shores for a photo-worthy sight. Set up a blanket and pick up some breakfast for the most magical start to the day.

Best for: 
Incredible views

30. Catch some rays

Two people sunbathing on sunloungers on the beach under an umbrella.

If it wasn’t the most obvious thing to do, slap on some factor 50 and get your tan on! The beach is the perfect sunbathing spot with its cool sea breeze preventing you from getting too hot. Stick some headphones in or grab a good book whilst soaking up some good old vitamin D.

Best for:

31. Fling a frisbee

A group playing with a red frisbee on the beach.

This small but effective object will keep you entertained for hours, play in a group or as a pair – complete a pass and score a point. If you’re crafty with a frisbee, use trick shots to throw your opponent off their game.

Best for:

32. Go for a swim

People splashing in the sea ready to go for a swim.

There’s something calming about swimming in the ocean, whether it be the salt water that allows you to gently float to the surface or the warmth off the beating sun – your day at the beach isn’t complete without it.

Best for: 

33. Cricket

Kids playing cricket on the beach on a sunny day.

Another ball game for the list, cricket is a brilliant sport if you’ve got the numbers. Find a huge space, set up your wickets and let the fun begin. Alternatively, you can turn it into a friendly game of rounders.

Best for:

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